This section presents the scholarships offered by ADÉSAQ member schools. 

In order to attract the best talent – regardless of the resources available to them – the schools offer access scholarships. These scholarships pay all or part of tuition fees. Other accessibility scholarships support those who experience financial difficulties during their studies.

Excellence scholarships are awarded in recognition of the excellence, commitment or leadership of students who stand out for their community involvement, exceptional career path or superior academic performance.

For those who have completed their program of study, the professional insertion scholarships, sometimes given in the form of money or various services, offer a first boost to the professional life of the scholarship holders.

Ada Slaight Award

Admission grant

Author involvement grant

Chalumeau Grant

Christian Poulin Perseverance Scholarship

Continuing Education Grants

Crossed Portraits scholarship

Diane Tremblay Award

Dominique Turcotte Student Grants

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