Study the arts in Quebec


A stimulating environment

Internationally renowned for its cultural vitality, Quebec has also distinguished itself globally as a centre for artistic innovation. Local artists, proud of their French heritage, have seen their influence extend well beyond our North American borders, and the exchange of knowledge, ideas and expertise that takes place between the various disciplines represented by our members is done in a spirit of generosity and fellowship.

Film and media arts, music and audio production, dance, theatre, comedy, or circus, it is all possible! Aspiring and emerging talents who decide to study in Quebec also choose a path towards a bright future.

All across Quebec, these select schools welcome students who are looking to realize their full potential. In addition to an outstanding education, these young artists will benefit from a cordial and stimulating learning environment. Quebec strongly values artistic training as a means of cultivating social and cultural development.

The documentary entitled Créer en français showcases students, recent graduates and teachers of various disciplines of the arts in Quebec.

Discover the members of the Association des écoles supérieures d’art du Québec

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