École nationale de l’humour

Since 1988, the École nationale de l’humour (ÉNH), a French only school, is passionately pursuing its unique and original mission: to offer professional training to creators who wish to specialize in the field of humour as comedians, stand-ups or authors. The ÉNH is a private, non-profit (NPO) educational institution, recognized by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and supported by the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications, Canadian Heritage and the Mécénat program Placements Culture of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.
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the school

L’École nationale de l’humour (ÉNH) is recognized as an exceptional focal point of expertise in humor. Its professional training, unique in the world, is distinguished by its level of excellence and high teaching standards. The ÉNH has proven to be a highly prolific incubator of talent, considering the omnipresence of its graduates with widely diversified mandates across all cultural and media platforms. With its profoundly structuring effect on its environment, the ENH is recognized as a true pillar of Quebec’s cultural ecosystem.

Open to its environment, the School is the leader in the disciplinary development of humor. It works to promote recognition of humor as a discipline in its own right, works for the preservation of artistic heritage in humor and exercises its leadership in reflecting on the place of humor in society, notably by having created the Observatory of humor.

Where to find us

2120, rue Sherbrooke Est, 7e étage
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