National Theatre School of Canada

The National Theatre School (NTS) of Canada is a school for the arts. Since 1960, it has offered incomparable training to actors, directors, playwrights, set and costume designers and production specialists to work in professional theatre.
Photo : Maxime Côté

the school

The National Theatre School (NTS) also delivers a broad range of community programs that make theatre more accessible to all Canadians, as a tool for building empathy and personal development. Among other programs, NTS presents an annual festival for high school students across the country, allowing them to showcase their unique work.

As a global leader in theatre training, NTS is centred on building up communities and tearing down walls. It shares its deep expertise and resources with a broad and diverse community of Canadians to ensure that the performing arts continue to play an important role in society.

Where to find us

5030, rue Saint-Denis
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