L’inis is a professional training center for film, television, and interactive media. It offers training programs that meet the ever-changing demands of the audiovisual, communications and entertainment markets. L’inis is a recognized cooperative training institution for the audiovisual sector.
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the school

The institute’s mission is to accompany industry professionals in the audiovisual and digital creation sectors in Quebec and Canada, as well as its students who come to develop their skills and talents in a specialized and rigorous learning environment that is inclusive and ethical, meeting the needs of the market.

L’inis is the place to perfect one’s art; it supports working professionals seeking to hone their skills, master new tools, and advance their careers.

The institute allows its students on their way to becoming new media creators, screenwriters, TV writers, directors, and producers of audiovisual and multi-platform content to learn their trade by working on projects that respect industry standards. Its pedagogical approach is rooted in practical exercises, fosters creativity, and is constantly adapting to the needs and realities of the industry.

L’inis is the only francophone center of its kind in the country. It promotes national and international cooperation as well as cultural diversity in the field of audiovisual education.

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